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Al Medina 313 - an Islamic charity supporting those most in need

Based in Banbury, we work on charitable projects within the UK and overseas.


"Love for your brother what you love for yourself"

Al Medina 313 is a charity that believes in loving for your brother what you love for yourself. We aim to serve humanity through the philosophy and teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The vision all started from a group of individuals who have supported different charities for a number of years. During Ramadan 2020, we decided to officially merge our efforts and ideas to create this unique charity, developing an ever-lasting legacy through the delivery of very unique and special charitable projects.

Al Medina 313 Team


Providing the basic necessities for those most in need


Our projects on a local, national and global basis. Whether we're helping new small businesses to start up or installing new water pumps, Al Medina 313 provides aid wherever it is needed most.


If you live near our base in Banbury and would like to help, we're always keen to hear from individuals who are interested in volunteering.

See what we've been working on

Our gallery shows the recent projects Al Medina 313 has been working on.



Who is Al Medina 313?

Al Medina 313 is a UK based humanitarian charity, following in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

What do Al Medina 313 do?

Al Medina 313 provides relief to the poorest and those most in need. According to the philosophy of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

How can Al Medina 313 help me?

Al Medina 313 can help you by making your charitable donations reach those most in need. Also, you may become a volunteer and help yourself by helping others.

What is Al Medina 313's relationship with Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?

Al Medina 313 is inspired by his teachings, mercy and guidance.

Who do Al Medina 313 love?

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).


"Charity does not decrease wealth"

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)


Would you like to help our Islamic charity? Donate online now or contact us via WhatsApp on 07543 333113.

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